Seashell Trust receives IiV award

We are delighted to announce that Seashell Trust has received the renewal of the Investors in Volunteers (IiV) award, following an assessment of our volunteering programme on site. IiV is the UK quality standard for good practice when managing volunteers in various roles and Seashell is proud to maintain a high quality volunteering programme.

Stephen Pearson, Volunteer and Community Engagement Officer at Seashell Trust, says the IiV award is “a testament to Seashell staff and volunteers in creating a culture, opportunity and environment for volunteers to contribute, thrive and enjoy doing something good.”

Kirsty, a volunteer at Seashell Trust, said I have hugely enjoyed my time as a volunteer with Seashell.  Having a wide variety of activities keeps it interesting and fun for young people, volunteers and staff. My brother is 15 at the moment, but having seen how much I have enjoyed and learnt at CADS I think when he is older he would love to consider volunteering.

Additionally, anybody considering working in a caring environment should volunteer at CADS because the main skill it has taught me is using a large range of methods of communication.”

Seashell’s volunteers donate their time and skills to bring people of all abilities and disabilities together through sport, help families find the right support for their children, work with students to practice important life skills and make sure our services can reach the people who need them. If you want to learn more about how to become a volunteer, please head to or contact our Volunteer Coordinator on 0161 610 0100 for more details.