Seashell Trust's 10 out of 10: Nigel Finch

Nigel Finch with his quote about Seashell Trust

To celebrate our decade as Seashell Trust, we are sharing ten top people who have been at the heart of our family during the last ten years – staff, volunteers, supporters and most importantly our extraordinary students and their families.

Let us know who else you think is 10 out of 10!

We like to think of Seashell Trust volunteers as one big extended family and for the Finches from Wilmslow, volunteering really does run in the family.

Business consultant Nigel, 57, followed in the footsteps of two of his sons when he joined Seashell Trust’s volunteering team four years ago. Edward and Oliver Finch have both volunteered here in the past.

Explaining what drew him to donate his time, Nigel said: “Why volunteer? To keep on the family tradition as my sons volunteered here. Then, also it’s a combination of a highly worthwhile organisation and full of interesting and caring people to meet.”

He began helping with athletics for students on Fridays alongside Seashell teacher and coach Maureen Wilkins.

Nigel said: “My most memorable moments here are watching and working with students at Woodbank Park in Stockport and helping them achieve amazing things in all weathers. Maureen’s energy to help the students achieve in sports and athletics activities is one of my favourite things about Seashell.”

More recently, he has started working on projects with the fundraising team as well: “Raising funds for the intercollege sports day this year has made me incredibly proud.”  

Seashell Trust hosts an annual intercollege sports day for around 200 students with a wide range of abilities from special colleges across the North West at SportCity in Manchester.

We also hold an all-inclusive tri-Seashell event - a duathlon and a triathlon for people with severe and multi-sensory needs - at here at our Cheadle Hulme campus.

For the last year, he has also been a governor of the Royal College Manchester and has noticed Seashell Trust’s focus on the individual student to help them grow.

He added: “Seashell Trust is a fabulous combination of caring and stretching. The students are carefully stretched to achieve great individual things.”

Without our dedicated volunteers, we would not be able to give our young people the wonderful experiences and activities that build their confidence and independence, both physically and emotionally.

If you would like to join our volunteer family, there are many ways you can help. For more details get in touch here.