Seashell Trust is hoping to bag carwash cash from Tesco shoppers

Seashell Trust students running their car wash. Tokens from Tesco will help by equipment

Seashell Trust students are hoping to bag shoppers' support for our community car wash

Seashell Trust is part of this month's Bags of Help scheme at six local Tesco stores including the Handforth Dean store.

Shoppers can back a specific charity with a blue token received at the checkout. The project that receives the most tokens will receive a grant of up to £4,000. The money comes from the sale of plastic bags.

Seashell Trust is planning to use the money raised for a community work skills project. 

Wendy Bray, fundraising manager at the charity, said: “Opportunities for young people like this are very limited, which is why we have created the car wash project. It is an excellent work experience opportunity not only in developing skills around confidence, decision making and team work as well as creating a sense of worth and being a valuable part of the community.”

The money will be spent on equipment and a canopy to run the car wash in all weathers.

Wendy said: “Seashell Trust is delighted to have been chosen to benefit from the fabulous Bags of Help scheme and we would be so grateful if shoppers would choose us for their blue token. By doing so they will give a young person with profound disabilities the chance to be a valued and valuable member of our community – something the rest of us often take for granted.”