Drivers fuel generous donation to change students' lives

Seashell Trust student Erin (13), Steven Gavin, Matthew Sudworth, Seashell Trust student Cayman (11) with the cheque.

Drivers in Wilmslow are changing lives of our young disabled people with their spare change.

The M&S store at the BP garage in Alderley Road has been collecting coppers from its customers.

Deputy store manager Steven Gavin handed over a cheque for £2,100 to our students Erin and Cayman.

He said: “The support we have received from our customers has been amazing.  We are so proud to be able to support this wonderful local charity.”

Dominic Tinner, head of fundraising at Seashell Trust, said: “It just goes to show that ‘counting the pennies’ really can make a difference. Seashell Trust would like to thank all the customers at the M&S store based in the BP garage for donating their loose change to support our work with children and young people with complex need.”