Supporting Expressive Communication with AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication)

13th June 2019

Supporting Expressive Communication with AAC (Alternative and Augmentative Communication)

Dates: Thursday 13th, 20th June and 4th July

First session: 5-6.30pm, second and third sessions: 5-7pm

Price: £150 

This is a three part workshop and the initial session can be attended as a standalone.  A prerequisite for sessions 2 and 3 is that attendees are working, at least some of the time, with someone who already uses AAC.

Session 1) 90 minutes

This interactive course is for people who are supporting someone who uses AAC. In session 1 we explore what AAC is, who to use it with and how to teach someone to use it. We will use the evidence base to learn about models of communication that can be applied to support individuals with communication difficulties to learn how to use AAC.

Session 2) 2 hours

During session 2 we will explore practical ways to support someone to use AAC through video, role play and group discussion. We will consider how you can implement these strategies in your specific setting.

Session 3) 2 hours

Session 3 will support you to reflect on how you have applied the theory and knowledge gained during the course and consider what you are already doing well and areas for improvement. We will create an action plan of what you can do to further develop your skills in implementing AAC to promote your child or young person to experience successful communication.

Booking your place
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