Makaton Foundation Course

27th February 2019

Makaton Foundation Course

Dates: Wednesdays 27th February and 6th March

Times: 09.30 – 16.00

Price: £120 for professionals, £60 for parents and carers

Lunch and refreshments provided

Makaton is a language programme using signs and symbols to help people to communicate. It’s designed to support spoken language – signs are used with speech, in spoken word order to help children and adults to communicate.   Makaton has transformed the lives of children and adults with a range of different communication difficulties.

Our foundation workshop will provide a detailed introduction to Makaton, offering plenty of practical experience of signing alongside theory and technical information.  It will be led by Seashell Trust’s Speech and Language Therapist, Kate Duggan, who appears in this short video for CBeebies introducing Makaton:


By the end of the course you’ll be confident using the signs and symbols for Stages 1-4 of the core vocabulary – those that are commonly used in everyday life.  You’ll have learnt about research into sign and symbol use, symbol design themes, the use and purpose of Makaton and received an overview of alternative systems of communication. 

Whether you care for someone who has limited speech, have a professional interest or work for an organisation that strives to be more inclusive of those with disabilities, our session will provide a comprehensive introduction to Makaton. No prior knowledge is necessary.

Booking your place
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