Bring It On 2021

01st February 2021

We are sure that everyone is glad to be bringing 2020 to a close and looking forward to a much better year in 2021.

We wanted to salute the resilience of our supporters & colleagues and inspire them to challenge the New Year to ‘Bring It On 2021’.

By choosing to fundraise for Seashell Trust in 2021 could help to inspire you to take on a challenge, complete that fundraising activity you’ve had in the back of your mind or help you to kick start that exercise target.

Here are a few ideas to get you started using the ‘Bring It On 2021’ concept!

* Perhaps you could ‘Run/walk off Christmas’ and pledge to run 2021 km or complete 200,210 steps in a month.

* Dare we say the word ‘diet’ – perhaps you need to shift a few lbs and by getting sponsored to do this would help you to achieve your target, maybe you could lose 21lbs!

* Set a goal of raising £2,021 throughout the year either on your own or as a team. Embrace the 2021 number and come up with some innovative ideas

* Why not go the whole hog and complete 21 challenges throughout the year?