Triumph at Regional Games!

For several years, Seashell Trust's college staff led the way in developing competitive sports and athletics programmes for students with learning disabilities in the local area, running an annual sports day between Greater Manchester sixth forms and FE colleges. With a mix of special and mainstream colleges, as well as a range of physical, learning, communication and sensory needs, young people delighted in the chance to test their skills against their peers - in an environment which focused entirely on what they can achieve!

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Triathlon returns!

Our triathlon for young people with complex special needs is back and bigger than ever! With a wide range of adapted specialist equipment suitable for people with a wide range of complex learning, communication and physical disabilities, our supported triathlon helps bring families together through sport - and gives young people with the most profound disabilities the opportunity to achieve something amazing!

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Fun In The Summer Term!

While the weather might have you thinking otherwise, the summer term has officially arrived! After a fun holiday, school and college are both back in session and students are gearing up for the end of the year.

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Assistive Tech Workshop

Whether it's using an iPad to take photos of your day, ordering your lunch with an app or even using bespoke 3D printed tools to do things for yourself, Seashell students are learning and living more independently - thanks to the use of technology.

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3D Printing at Seashell Trust

Matt Daly, Royal College Manchester's assistive technologist, works with staff and students to find ways they can use technology to help them become more independent.

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Dog Grooming Enterprise Open!

Royal College Manchester students have launched a new business, grooming and looking after dogs.

Owners bring their dogs in to the college for a day of pampering, with students using special grooming equipment to give each pup a shampoo and set. They can also dry the dogs, brush and comb their fur and make sure they get plenty of interaction by going on walks, playing and being stroked by students. The dogs can then be picked up when the owners are ready.

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Job Carving

With 100% of Royal College Manchester's interns (and 60% of the graduating class as a whole) leaving with work of some kind, we know what it takes to help young people with complex learning and communication disabilities find work.

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Communicating Decisions

At Seashell Trust, we firmly believe that all young people have the right to make decisions. Our students develop the expectation that they will be in control of experiences in their lives as much as possible.

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College Graduate At Work

Former Royal College Manchester student Luke has entered a new job in the hotel industry!

During his time at the college, Luke worked hard to develop his communication skills so that he could make himself understood by a wide range of people. He impressed staff during his vocational studies and worked hard to master the skills he needed to enter the workforce - skills like his understanding of working interviews, preparing CVs, carrying out tasks independently and organisational skills like using a checklist.

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Josh the Buddy Dog

It's been almost two years since Royal College Manchester's buddy dog, Josh, made his first visit to the college and decided that he would stick around. A former Guide Dog, Josh's calm nature and his training helped him become one of the most popular members of staff.

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Sensory Art Takes Flight

For anyone who visited our Forest School before the fire earlier this year, these sculptures may look familiar! Royal School Manchester's artist in residence, Lauren, worked with our school students to make dragonflies out of willow rods. These willow sculptures use traditional basket-weaving techniques to make pieces of art that can be handled directly by the students, encouraging them to touch, bend and smell the willow as well as seeing it hanging from the trees, as if in flight!

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Mickie Meets the Cambridges!

One Royal College Manchester pupil was thrilled to meet the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge during their visit to Manchester last week!

The Duke (Prince William) and The Duchess of Cambridge (his wife, Catherine) visited Francis House, a hospice which was opened in 1991 by Diana, Princess of Wales. Mickie was very excited to get his invitation from Francis House and signed 'prince' a lot to talk about his plans!

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