Holistic person-centred therapy that changes lives

This week is National Occupational Therapy (OT) Week, an opportunity to talk about the difference that OT makes to peoples’ lives.  One of Seashell Trust’s occupational therapists, Emily Kellett talks about her role with our children and young people.

Occupational Therapists have been described as the health and care system’s “secret weapon”. We are the only registered profession qualified to work across mental and physical health and in NHS and social care settings. This means that they are uniquely placed to see a whole person holistically.

We support children and young people with a range of diagnoses who, we believe, deserve the opportunity to be as independent as possible in the activities that mean the most to them. Our students may struggle to  participate in tasks which many of us take for granted including; getting themselves washed, dressed, feeding themselves, travelling in transport, sitting and attending to information and many more!

OT’s are there to support individuals to become more independent and generally, feel good about themselves and get the most out of life!

Our typical day may include, classroom based observations where we really try to ‘tune in’ to the child or young person to specifically identify why they may be finding certain tasks, environments or demands difficult. We also have a strong focus on team work where we link in with staff teams and families to offer advice and support relating to the individuals specific needs.

We may also deliver group or 1:1 sessions where we will explore strategies to support individual to self-regulate their sensory needs or develop their physical skills.

Training is also a large part of our role to help those supporting an individual really understand their difficulties, enable more personalised strategies and ways to help them each day!

Seashell Trust now offer Occupational Therapy as part of our Outreach service. Through this service we can offer training packages and bespoke interventions which includes a range of approaches including;

  • ‘Listening with more than your ears’ – Exploring and explaining sensory, communication and behaviour.
  • Sensory diets SOS
  • Use of deep pressure strategies to treat tactile defensiveness

For more details about the services that our Therapy Outreach team offer, please contact Samantha Royle on 0161 610 0741 or email: admissions@seashelltrust.org.uk