College Leaps Into Maths

Royal College Manchester students entered the Leap Into Maths competition alongside other specialist colleges as part of Maths Week 2016. The goal of the competition was to get students to think about different measurements - and to get college staff thinking about fun, creative and accessible ways of challenging our students to put their maths skills into practice! We are delighted to announce that Royal College Manchester, alongside Pengwern College, were named the winners of this years' entry after students took to measuring the length, width and height of our sports hall.

As well as feet and metres, students used hula hoops, benches, mats, printed pictures, cones and even their own steps to measure the space and get thinking about the relationship their unit of measurement had to the answer they received.



Samir's achievement in realising that his measurement in footsteps resulted in a different answer when he walked unaided compared to when he walked with support particularly impressed!


As a prize, the college will soon be receiving a weather station! We look forward to seeing how our students can use this to learn more about the world around them and how they can use maths and technology to help them achieve!


Find all the entries to Leap Into Maths here, or find our highlights below:

Royal College Manchester welcomes the online competition

Lewis and Bryony work together to measure the height of our door

Hope uses a pedometer as a measuring tool

Samir is surprised - he realises that when he counts his steps, he doesn't get the answer he expected!

Samir and his LSA compare his steps again He and his LSA talked about how his steps changed when he walked independently, taking lots of small steps, compared to how he walked with support when he could take larger steps. They know that this will change his answer.
Bryony measures the length of the hall

The group use different shapes and pieces of equipment to measure the room

One set of results


A worksheet from the day