Autism Accreditation Surveys

As part of our Autism Accreditation quality assurance, we want to make sure that autistic people, their families and other professionals are able to give their views about our service so that we can be sure we're getting it right.

The National Autistic Society, which coordinates the Autism Accreditation programme, has created several surveys about our service. These surveys are completely anonymous and will only be used to help us develop our service. Any information you share would only be used to identify what parts of our service are working, where we need to improve and what people would like to see from us. 

The three separate surveys include:

Autistic People

Young people who are currently accessing our services are invited to answer a short survey about their time at Seashell Trust. They can complete this with support. The NAS recommend that the support should be someone who does not work for our organisation, although as we have a number of students on 52 week placements this may not always be possible. If you have any questions about how a particular student can take part in the survey, please get in touch with their keyworker or email

Families of autistic people

Parents, carers and other family members who represent the interests of our students are also asked to complete a survey about their own experiences. 

Emails have been sent home explaining how to access the survey. If you have any questions or need to remind yourself of the link, please email


People who work for other organisations as part of a multi-professional team - for example, other services who might provide health care for students with additional medical needs, or the social worker supporting an individual student - will also be asked to reflect on how we work with them in order to make sure that our team meets the needs of our autistic students.

These surveys will be closed on 23rd April so please don't hesitate to get in touch with if you have any questions - the information we get from our students, their families and the other services we work with is invaluable when it comes to seeing how we can best help our students succeed.