Assistive Tech Workshop

Whether it's using an iPad to take photos of your day, ordering your lunch with an app or even using bespoke 3D printed tools to do things for yourself, Seashell students are learning and living more independently - thanks to the use of technology.

For our students with complex physical disabilities, simple switch technology can be an effective way of learning cause and effect as well as giving them more control over their environment. Royal College Manchester students can use switches on all kinds of equipment, from operating fans and lights to turning on music! Other students might not be able to control their movements enough to use sign language but have learned how to use eye gaze technology to communicate, make choices and even play simple computer games!

Prompted by a request from Stockport Council, our assistive technologist Matt (@assistiveMatt) held a workshop for parents of young people with special needs and members of staff from local sixth form colleges on some of the different ways assistive technology can be used to help people with a wide spectrum of needs.