Seashell's Outreach Service: Making remote learning accessible to Deafblind / MSI learners

Adapting to delivering education programmes to Seashell's Deafblind / MSI children and young people during the past year has been extremely challenging. The main challenge staff at Seashell are facing is how to make learning meaningful for Deafblind learners, who often rely primarily on their tactile sense to communicate and find out about their world. 

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VBS Community Awards: Help us win a share of £10,000

We are excited to have been named as a finalist in the Vernon Building Society’s Community Awards 2020, where we are in with the chance of winning a part of £10,000.

Any money received from the Community Awards will be put towards Seashell’s award winning CADS programme, which provides opportunities for disabled and non-disabled young people to participate together in a series of unique sport, health and leisure activities.

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Tales from the Greenhouse

The wonderful thing about gardens is that they do not recognise pandemics: they tick away at their own pace and for many of the students that has proved a reassuring certainty in a world now unfamiliar in so many ways.  With this thought in mind we ‘carried on regardless’ in the best British tradition.  I missed the vibrant dynamic of working with groups of students, but on the plus side, for those attending the day provision, there was plenty of time to get to know each person much better, and that must be a good thing no matter how dire the circumstances that bring it about.

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Volunteers' Week 2020: Spotlight On

The Guardian reported on the 26th May that “UK volunteering soars during coronavirus crisis” – that recent research suggests 10m have helped in their community and most plan to continue.

At Seashell, this year for volunteers’ week, we wish to put a spotlight on our volunteers & say thank you for how they have helped Seashell through this unique period of time and the challenges we faced.

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Volunteers' Week 2020: Fundraising Manager, Wendy Bray on Seashell's Corporate Volunteers

We have enjoyed the support of corporate volunteers for over ten years at Seashell Trust and having the teams in, especially through the summer months when keeping the gardens safe and sensory is a never ending task, is not just a ‘nice to have’. We couldn’t function without them. It is also events season and our corporate volunteers don’t just add person-power to our events – they bring an objective eye and a truckload of fabulous ideas that truly add value to our activities.

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LuSu Sports Kitbags Review

We recently received a generous donation of £3,600 from the Greater Manchester High Sheriff's Police Trust, which enabled us to purchase 20 LuSu Sports KitBags for our children and young people to use during our CADS events.

Due to COVID19 we have moved our CADS events into the digital world, setting up a Facebook group so those children and young people who participate in the sporting activities don’t miss out. The LuSu KitBags will really help the team at Seashell deliver the new format of CADS to individuals isolating at home.

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Clap for Carers - Thursday 14 May

Welcome to the 6th Edition of our special video supporting the NHS and all key workers.

Thank you to everyone working at Seashell Trust, keeping the children and young people who remain on site or who join us during the day safe and well.

Special thanks this week to our waking night staff.

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Deaf Awareness Week

Welcome to the 5th edition of our very special film to support Clap for Carers - thanking the NHS and all key workers.

This week, 4-10 May, is Deaf Awareness Week - raising awareness and challenging perceptions of hearing loss and deafness across the UK.

Our film is a special celebration bringing together Clap for Carers and Deaf Awareness Week

We have been overwhelmed by your support for our Sing a Rainbow campaign.

Thank you so much.


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Tales from the Greenhouse: by Jean Barratt

Having a child with complex needs at home unexpectedly can be difficult and confusing for both the child and their extended family. Seashell Trust has been reaching out to the families of the children and young people it supports and to other families in the same situation.

Here, Seashell’s Royal School Manchester horticulture teacher, Jean Barratt, has put together some ideas about how to make the most of the growing season.

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World Autism Awareness Week: George's Story

My name is Helen and this is a little background as to why I'm writing this in support of Autism Awareness Week.

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Katie's Story: Why being a teacher with autism helps me teach students with autism

Why being a teacher with autism helps me teach students with autism

In order to teach a student with autism, you need to allow them to teach you first. Learn everything you can about the world they live in before you ask them to change it or adapt it in order to live in yours.

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The Hut Group adds Festive Cheer to Seashell Trust

On Monday 9 December, Seashell students were treated to a night of festivities.

The Hut Group turned Great John Street Hotel, Manchester, into a sparkling Christmas grotto, welcoming both students and staff members for an afternoon of magic.

Seashell’s students were treated to personalised stockings, drinks and a Christmas-themed afternoon tea. Santa and his helpers were also there to wish our children and young people a Merry Christmas!

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